Rich Pichette Alzheimer's Awareness Project

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About the Rich Pichette Alzeheimer Awareness Project:

"Rich Pichette is a close friend of the kustom culture community. He was stricken down and just recently lost his battle with this terrible disease, Alzheimer's, in the prime of his life. This man was a huge driving force behind the resurgence of awareness and appreciation for kustoms on the West Coast for the past 30 years. His is the man responsible for conceiving of a show to celebrate kustoms and their builders, West Coast Kustoms Crusin' Nationals, formerly known as "Paso". We in this community will miss him and are continuing his legacy by coming together to produce a "one-off" 1954 Mercury Roadster kustom named "Memories", which was one of his projects, in his honor."

A little history behind the project

This is a really important car and project. Take a few minutes to read a little about the history behind the car and the project.
Customs in Santa Maria: 30 Years with West Coast Kustoms

Look for us at the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show

If you're heading to the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show on January 25th through 27th, be sure to look for BMK at the Customs Building where we'll be showing this car, the Rich Pichette Alzheimer Awareness Project.

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