1952 Chevy Fleetline

Work Done:

We're taking this car from stock to a mild custom. We've removed the old air conditioning system. We're installing an airbag system and a new wiring harness. And now here's a list of all the body modifications we're doing to the car: Frenched the headlights traditional style with the stock bezels, flared the front fender openings, smoothed and louvered and peaked the hood, shaved the original side trim and replaced with '54 Buick side trim, replaced the lower front of rear quarters and put tunnels for the Buick trim to flow into, modified the 56 Chevy rear wheel well openings, lowered the front bumper by 1 inch, and frenched in 54 Dodge tailights and peaked the rear quarters.
Whew! That's a ton of stuff. We'll keep you posted on this car. Stay tuned.

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